Wooden Garage Door Inserts

Acrylic Garage Door Inserts

Garage door inserts – Inserts wooden garage doors are the decorative panels that are designed to fit into the wood paneling on the garage door. They provide decorative detail garage door panels of wood. The inserts are typically made from metal. Select an insert in a final that will complement your existing garage door hardware. For example, if your hardware is wrought iron garage door, select a box wrought iron to create a cohesive look to your garage door. The inserts are installed with screws for easy mounting.

Garage door inserts, Slide the insertion in the garage door panel on the outside of the garage door. Hold it in place against the garage door panel and mark the mounting holes on the inclusion on the edge of the garage door panel with a pencil. Box Set garage door aside. Drill a pilot hole in the center of each mounting whole enrollment at the edges of the garage door panel with a screw gun equipped with a 1/16 inch drill bit. Drill whole 3/8-inch deep.

Place the box in the rear garage door panel of the garage door. Garage door inserts the screws that were included with the insertion of the garage door through the mounting holes in the insertion of the garage door at the edges of the garage door panel with the screw gun.

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