Sliding Shower Door Style

Modern Sliding Shower Door

Sliding shower door – Sliding glass doors for the shower offer a convenient and stylish way to finish a bath or shower. Doors open by sliding over a rail like the closet doors. This requires the installation of the lane and then the doors. Most come with the lane and accessories to install them. How to install sliding shower door. Measure the width of the tub where you will install the doors. Mark this measurement on the door rail with a grease pen. With the metal saw cut it according to this measurement. Install the lane and hold it in place with tape. Place the door jamb on the rail, which is a separate piece, wider than the rail. Once it is secured in place, insert the fat pen through these fittings to make a mark around the tub.

Drill the mounting holes before removing the jamb from the door and the rail with a drill and a 3/16 inch drill bit. Use a masonry drill bit for the tiles and a metal masonry bit for the plastic or fiberglass tubs. Insert the plastic anchors into the hole and put them in place with a hammer. These should be provided with the accessories. Place a layer of putty along the installation area. Install the sliding shower door rail and jambs, securing them with the fixtures. Uses all supplied implements, including bumpers and washers. Measure and cut the jamb and lane for the top of the shower with the same method with which you installed the bottom.

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Assemble the glass doors by mounting the handles or towel bars in place. Mount the door panel with the screws provided with the doors. Place the inner door first, lifting it and fixing it to the rail on its rollers. The towel bar will be on the inside of the shower. Install the outer door by lifting it and placing it on the rail. The sliding shower door handle will stay out of the shower. Install the rail guides as described in the instructions. Usually these are installed with a small metal screw or clip at the base of the rail. Pass another layer of mastic along the jambs to complete the installation.

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