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Sliding garage doors – Before we started with assembly and installation, the first thing we did was to organize and identify all parts. Then follow the steps below to complete the assembly. The rail sections slide into each other and tabs secure them in place. Slip them completely and then try to remove them to make sure they are not loose. As part of the rail, there is an additional piece or bracket, which is used to secure it to the motor using the corresponding screws. Once this is done, you can slide the rest of the rail into this piece. Another way to do this is to assemble the rail completely, including the bracket, and then securing it to the engine, either way it should run smoothly.

After this, you can proceed to install the spacer for the chain. Locate the pulley opening in the rail, opposite the engine. Position it and use the corresponding screw to hold it in place. Then use the locking washer and the locking nut to tighten until the locking washer is fully compressed. As a last step, check that the pulley turns freely. To install the cable sliding garage doors, the first step is to pass the cable through the pulley just installed. Then, connect it to the slide using the corresponding pieces, use a screwdriver to prevent the slider from sliding on the rail. With the cable connected, simply pull and pull the cable / chain next to the rail and in the direction of the motor. Making sure the chain is not twisted or too loose, pass it through the pinion in the engine, then, once again making sure it is not twisted, continue pulling it back towards the slide.

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Sliding garage doors connect the chain to its shaft using the correct parts. Screw in the inner nut and insert the locking washer onto the shaft, then insert the shaft into the corresponding hole in the slide.  To tighten the chain, first of all, the inner nut continues to be screwed in until there is enough space to tighten the outer nut. Tightening the outer nut in turn tightens the chain. The manufacture of this engine recommends that the chain be approximately 5 mm from the rail base at its midpoint. At that time, we proceeded to tighten the inner nut. Be sure to check that so tight it should be in yours, tightening the chain too much can cause premature damage to the motor.

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