Installing Pivot Door Hardware For Wardrobe Door

Pivot Door Hardware Interior

Pivot door hardware – Double doors are most commonly used as wardrobe doors. They are attractive and do not take up much space. Double doors open along a sliding track. As you pull the door out, it bends in the middle and slides down on the track. Double door fittings consist of a pivot mount on the floor, a track assembly on the top and the door handles. Install double wardrobe doors anywhere you need privacy but do not have much space. Measure the wardrobe opening width. If this opening is greater than 36 inches, you will need two double doors. Subtract 1/4 inch from measurements and divide it by two if you install two doors. Cut each groove to this length with an arch file.

Mark the center of the top of the wardrobe with a pen. Connect two pieces of groove together with the banana connecting the plate. Secure these pieces to the headline wardrobe with screws. Set the pivots in the pre-drilled holes on tops of conductive panels of the double doors. Tap them gently with a hammer. Place the guide pivots in the holes on the guiding doors and tap them in as well. Set the bottom leaning into the holes on the bottom of the double door guides and hammer them in. Place the sidopost bracket on the floor directly below the top pivot door hardware. Drill holes in door post and the floor before securing the sidpost bracket with screws.

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Press snugger guide into the center of the track. Measure from the floor 36 inches. Make a mark on this level in the middle of the door. A hole through the door at the mark you just made. Place the rear of the knob behind the door and turn the knob. Close the doors and action 12 inches up from the floor. Make a mark at this height, at the inner edge of each door on the inside. Certainly a door aligns on each door of this brand. Now your project to install wardrobe door with pivot door hardware was done. Look how awesome your furniture.

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