Installing Garage Door Weather Stripping

Cute Garage Door Weather Stripping

Garage door weather stripping at the bottom of the door helps seal the bottom of the door and garage floor when the door is closed. Steel and fiberglass garage doors use a weather strip that ensures in a metal track with a channel. Most often the track has two channels; but some doors use a single channel with a T-bulb weather strip. Installation of a single channel garage door weather strip is the same as a double channel. Replacement T-bulb weather strip are available through garage door dealers and home improvement centers.

To install a garage door weather stripping, take the garage door opener from the garage door if you have an opener. Pulling the emergency release cord on the back of the door opener arm to release the arm carriage from unlocking transport, just like you would do whose power went out. This allows you to manually operate the door. Increase garage door to fully open position. The lower edge of the garage door should be in the basket of the track. Pages of the weather strip channel must be visible. Insert a flat head screwdriver into the weather strip channel, and twist screw the handle to extend the end of the channel. The channel is shrunk to keep the weather strip in place. Grab the end of the weather strip with pliers and pull it out of the duct.

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Then to install a garage door weather stripping. Apply a thin film of liquid detergent to “T” on the T-bulb weather strip with your fingers. Dish soap should be on both sides and the top of “T” to enable the weather strip to slide into the channel. Set the weather strip to the open end of the channel. It is useful to have an assistant team uninstalled weather strip plan with the garage door bottom when pushing weather strip into the canal. Grab at the end of the T-bulb with your fingers when it is in the English Channel at least 3 inches. Carefully pull the end down the channel as the helper “feeds” T-bulb from the open end. When the T-bulb weather strip is in the channel full, shrink the open end of the duct with a pair of pliers. Close the garage door and engage the door arm wagon with open transport until it locks into place.

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