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Insulated glass garage doors – Insulating your garage door helps reduce your energy bills by reducing the amount of heat and cooling you need for adjacent rooms in your home. With a standard insulated glass garage doors you have the options of purchasing a garage door insulation kit or purchasing insulation materials. In some steps you will save money and help reduce its impact on the environment by conserving the energy needed to heat and cool your home. This project requires only basic tools. Measure the inside of the garage door. From inside the garage, with the door in the closed position, measured from the inside edge at the bottom of the garage door to the top of the door. Measure the width between the vertical rails where the insulation will go. Write down the measurements.

Purchase sheet insulation with backing or an insulation kit that is the same width as the space between the vertical rails of the insulated glass garage doors. Wear work gloves and safety glasses. Use a straight edge knife and utility to cut insulation sheets to the desired length, based on your measurements. Insert each insulation panel with the laminate or aluminum side out. Push one end of the insulation under one of the horizontal rails of the door and then fold it slowly so that it fits under the other horizontal rail. Repeat the procedure with each sheet of insulation. Press a spatula along the edge of the insulation to help the wedge in place if necessary. The insulation must be tight between the ribs.

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If the door has horizontal rails, measure the width between the rails of a lower rail than the previous one and then install the horizontal insulated glass garage doors between the rails. Take your measurements with you when you shop for privacy. For greater efficiency, installing fiberglass insulation blanket between the roof rafters of your garage. Change the utility knife blade if its cutting capacity decreases. Work carefully with the knife to avoid the risk of injury. Always wear leather work gloves when working with glass to avoid cuts.

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