Ideas Install Barn Door Pulls

Good Barn Door Pulls

Barn door pulls – Nothing gets dressed in a closet door over an elegant doorknob or throws. Adding this hardware not only adds beauty to your furniture, it adds functionality. Pulls and knobs can be purchased in almost any apartment, home improvement or hardware store. Some buttons or handles, such as those made out of wood, may need to be dyed to match the color of the wood. Others may need to be painted to blend or contrast with something in the room. Most pulls and knobs are finished and ready to install. No matter what type you choose, pulls and knobs add detail to your decor.

Install barn door pulls and knobs. Select the right button or pull. Note where the knob will be located and how much it will be handled. If you need to dye or paint the pull or a knob, do it before installation. Decide where you want the knob or pull to be placed on the cabinet door. You may want to place the pull at a comfortable height so everyone can easily open the door. Pulls or controls should be placed at least 1 inch away from the edges of the cabinet door and less than one-third the height of the door. This means placing the pull tab or knob no more than one-third of its height from the bottom of the door. Be consistent. If you are installing the knobs in 6 cabinets, make sure that each knob is placed in the same place on each door for a professional look.

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Measure in which you want to install the barn door pulls. Mark the place on the cabinet door with a pencil or a punch. A knob will require a hole and a pull will usually require 2 to 4 holes. Create a starting hole for the drive or control screw (s) with a punch. Drill the hole for the screw with a variable speed electric drill with the correct drill bit for the size of the screw you are going to use. Drill slowly so that the cabinet door does not shatter. Once you have drilled the hole, repeat the process for any other knobs or strip that you will install.

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