Ideas For Install Pocket Door Handles

Great Pocket Door Handles

Pocket door handles – A pocket door is a door that slides into an opening in the wall. Although a locking pocket door handle does not look like a standard swinging door handle, the door installing process is the same. You have to drill a mounting hole for the handle and lock and slide in the end of the door. After locking the pocket door handle is installed you will be able to lock the door for an added amount of privacy for sliding doors located in a bedroom or bathroom. Mark your carefully to ensure that the privacy lock will work properly.

To install pocket door handles. Measure from the floor 36 inches and place a mark on both sides of the pocket door. Locate the center of privacy lock by placing a mark 2 3/8ths of an inch left from the front edge of the pocket door, on your 36-inch mark from the floor. Marks the same location on the other side of the door. Put a pencil mark 36 inches away from the floor on the front of the pocket door. Mark the center width of the pocket door edge. Put the 15/16th tree dull into the drill. Drill a 15/16th inch hole where the two lines intersect on the front edge of the pocket door. Make the hole 4 inches deep.

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Then to install pocket door handles. Put 2 1/8-piece-inch wood boring slightly into the drill. Adjust the tree boring piece with the mark is located 36 inches from the floor and 2 3/8 inches from the front of the pocket door. Drill halfway through the door with the tree boring bit. Stop drilling and change to the corresponding mark on the other side of the door. Drilling from both sides of the door will remove the pocket doors of wood veneer from the cleavage. Put the lock in 15 / 16 inch hole you bored on the front of the pocket door. Trace locks the plate with pencil. Remove the lock plate. Use the chisel and hammer to mortise it traces the area 1/8 part of an inch deep. Attach the lock to the pocket door:. Insert 2 star screws in the lock plate with the star screwdriver. Rub the tip of the pencil over the end of the lock.

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