How To Repair Garage Door Rollers

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Garage door rollers are the mechanisms that allow the door to steadily rise up and down on its way. When a roll worn, the garage door may stop or take more time to move. The rollers are held in place by brackets attached to the garage door. The stylus of the roll fits into a bracket on the console and the roller part fits into the slot. Rollers are not difficult to replace. You can buy them at your local home remodeling center. Loosen and remove the bolts that hold the roller fitting to the garage door. A minimum of four bolts hold the hanger in place. Bolts using a ratchet handle and appropriate size plug. Push the bracket out of the roller pin. Look for an access point along the taxiway, which is a slightly larger area in the track makes it possible to lift the roll out. Use pliers to bend part of the track if you cannot find an access point.

How to repair garage door rollers. Push the drum to the access point and remove the roller from the slot. Take the roll with you to the local home remodeling store to buy a new one. Place the roll in the slot of the access point. Push the roller pins into the pin sleeve on the bracket. Position the bracket to its original position on the garage door, the bolt reinserts and tightens them with a ratchet and socket.

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Then to repair garage door rollers. Do not remove the bracket on a bottom roller. The lower roller is located closest to the garage floor. Attached to the console is a tension cable that keeps the garage door from twisting on the field or falling. Rise the garage door part way up. Pull the door away from the pin as far as it will go to slide the hinge pin out of the pin guides on the bracket. Bend the boards back with pliers if you cannot get the stick out of the guides. Remove the roller pin from the track following the same steps as in Section 1. Insert a new roll pin in the track and the pin into the pin guides on the bracket. Fix pin guides on the bracket if you should bend them.

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