How To Put Ordinary Garage Door Hinges

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Garage door hinges – Garage doors are often one of the most overlooked exterior decor features in a home. On the other hand, you can turn the usual into the extraordinary by adding hardware to give your garage doors a carriage house look. You can turn yesterday’s killing garage doors into doors that give your garage a high-end, stately look of a rustic carriage house. In fact, after laying the hinges you can find yourself tempted to add extra, such as matching cart-style door leaves and draws decorative patterns, such as a lion or a horse.

How to put ordinary garage door hinges. Check your garage doors to see where the existing hinges are located. More than likely, there will be a “butt plate” on the far sides of the garage door frame. If the current backing is silver, consider painting black to match the wagon-look surface of black hinges. Determine how many hinges you need to add. For example, if there are three power hinges on each side, you should add three wagon hinges to make the look consistent. Explore and decide on a hinged style. The most typical patterns have a rustic look, ornate with a flour list design, endings that look like an evergreen tree, or ending pattern that looks like a sword. Select a color and finish for the hinges. Most finished hinges are made of metal and are available in powder coated black, copper, silver or tin finish and have a stamped or hand-painted look. Black is a popular and traditional choice because it has striking, unmistakable appearance on a wagon house.

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Then to put ordinary garage door hinges. Choose between a magnetic hinge or a screw-in hinge. Test the door with a magnet to ensure that the magnetic hinge attaches. If your doors are made of wood, all you need to do is drill small holes and screw the hinges on the door. Purchase the amount of hinges you need from a local garage door retail hardware supplier, or shop online. Most hinges vary between 12 and 16 inches in length. Fit the hinges based on packaging directions and all the advice you get from your retailer.

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