How To Install Self Closing Door Hinge

Modern Self Closing Door Hinge

Self closing door hinge – Positive pressure automatic closing door hinges operate automatically when closing the door when it is released. Like the common door hinges, it has two hinge plates and a hinge pin. A strong adjustable spring inside the hinge housing allows you to adjust the tension on the hinge and door. The owners will be able to use automatic closing doors hinges in conjunction with gravity latches as a safety measure to close and lock the doors automatically on the pool decks. This simple project does not require special tools or knowledge of advanced carpentry. Place the door on a flat surface. Mark the vertical part of the door frame where the hinges are to be installed. The hinges are typically installed at the levels of the horizontal rails. If the door is particularly heavy, install third hinge between the upper and lower hinges, evenly spaced between them.

Position the self closing door hinge with the edge of the hinge plate aligned with the edge of the door. Pass the tip of a pencil through each screw hole in the hinge plates to mark their positions on the door. Remove the hinges. Drill pilot holes through each mark. Replace the hinges, aligning the screw holes with the pilot holes. Screw the hinges to the door. Place debris of wood or bricks on the floor between the door posts to maintain the level of the door and the ground as the hinges are installed. Doors are usually installed 2 to 4 inches off the ground. Position and center the door between the door posts with the hinge plates not flush against the door post.

Place a carpenter level through the top rail door. Adjust the position of the self closing door hinge so that it is level. Push wedges, as necessary, between the door and the wood or support bricks to maintain the level of the door. Place the carpenter level against a vertical rail of the door frame. Adjust the position of the door so it is plumb. Insert wedges between the door posts and the door to hold it in position. Make small adjustments to the position of the door by hitting it with a mallet and inserting wedges. Mark the positions of the screw holes of the corresponding rear door hinges. Move the articulation plates out of the way. Drill pilot holes through the marks on the post. Replace the hinge plates, and then the screws to the door post.

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