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Screen door hinges – The construction of a screen door allows you to create a door for an opening of any size, while the prefabricated screen doors are available in specific sizes. The use of treated wood is best for doors that are exposed to the elements, but regular untreated wood is good for other areas. Screen material comes in gray or black depending on how you see through you wants it to be. All necessary materials are available at most hardware stores or home improvement. Screen door hinges are similar to any other door hinge. They come in two pieces that are held together by a pin.

One side of the hinge is hung on the door jamb and the other side of the hinge hangs on the door of the screen. The pin allows the two parts of the hinge to move and the door to open and close. Most hinges come pre-assembled. It may, however, be necessary to remove the hinge pin in the performance of repairs to the screen door hinges. Measure the length of your door frame with a tape measure. Cut the longest 1-inch vertical by 4-inch side pieces to the exact height measurement, using a circular saw.  Measure the width of the door frame and subtract 8 inches, so the pieces you cut at the top, middle and bottom will fit inside the vertical pieces. Use a construction square when marking the cut line to make sure all cuts are straight.

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Hold the door and align the hinges on the door with the hinges on the jamb. Make sure that the openings in the final part of the two sets of screen door hinges are aligned. Place the lower part of the hinge shaft through the hole in the upper hinge. Slide the hinge pin down through the hinge openings. Repeat with the other hinges on the screen door. Gently touch the top of the hinge pin with a hammer to make sure it is firmly in place. Repeat with the other articulation axes. Close the screen door. Do not force the hinge pin in place. Pull the hinge pin and realign the hinge holes if the pin does not slide.

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