How To Install Pivot Doors

Amazing Pivot Doors

Pivot doors – The pivoting hinges are a type of element used to hang and swing a door. Because the pivot pins are almost visible on most doors, they can create a clean and elegant look. The pivots transfer the weight of a door to the top and bottom of the opening, which makes it easier to operate the door than if it were hung using common hinges. This effect means that the pivots can be used with large or heavy doors. They also tend to last longer and, over time, require less maintenance than common hinges. Determine how many pivots your door requires. Most need only one upper and one lower, which are welded in sets to accommodate standard size doors.

If your pivot doors weigh less than 250 pounds, it is no wider than 1 3/4 inches (4.45 cm) and is not taller than 8 feet 6 inches, use a standard top and bottom pivot. If your door exceeds any of these measures, look for a set of heavy-duty pivots that includes a third intermediate pivot. Compare the central hinges with the offset pivots. Most residential doors are installed using pivots of central hinges. These units are installed in the center of the door and are hidden from view. The pivots out of sight are installed on one side of the door and look similar to traditional hinges. They must be used in all openings with fire classification. The central hinge pivots are not classified for fire.

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Remove the packing pivot doors and look for the template paper. This is installed on the door and frame to show you where the pivots should be placed. It includes the dimensions for the holes and holes that must be installed in the door or frame. Prepare the frame by the base of the jamb to receive the pivot bracket. The template will indicate the correct location. Use a wood jig or hammer and chisel to create a hole for the jamb bracket. This gap will be flush with the surface of the frame. Pre-drill all holes shown. Drill holes in the upper part of the frame as directed. Your set of pivots probably requires a sample for the top bracket, or it may indicate only one hole for the receiving pivot.

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