How To Install Impact Sliding Doors

Elegant Impact Sliding Doors

Impact sliding doors – The sliding doors are the best option to separate rooms and not occupy spaces. Also, they are very easy to install. Here we tell you everything you need to know. In a day and with very little budget you can have a functional and beautiful sliding door. The first thing you should do is measure the opening and calculate 5 more centimeters on each side so you do not have to close it so precisely when it is placed. Also, you will have to measure your height, but this time just. If you have time and money, you can send them to build the sliding door design you want, but otherwise, if you want something more basic or normal, you can go buy one with the measures you have already taken. Do not worry, because the purchases are nice and there are different models to combine with your furniture and decoration.

When buying the impact sliding doors you will also buy the guides. Try to get the correct track size, otherwise you will have to cut it depending on the width of the door and the place where it will slide. The first thing that you will place is the guide that goes on the ground, to be able to then place the door and the upper guide. You will need to screw it to the floor or paste it with a high strength adhesive. Then, place the door and the upper guide to know where to screw it. The door will serve as a support, but to put it right, it is better to use a level of those used in construction or someone to help you see it right.

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Screw the top rail once you’re sure it’s in the right position and you’re done! You already have your door installed. The impact sliding doors are the best option to gain space as needed instead traditional doors when opened or closed. Having one does not cost as much, because they can be cheaper than normal because they do not have frames or hardware, nor are they difficult to install, since you do not need much knowledge to  install the sliding door itself.

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