How To Hang Cabinet Door Hinges

Wonderful Cabinet Door Hinges

Cabinet door hinges – One of the fastest ways to update the look of your kitchen is to paint the cabinets and install new hardware. Door handles and hinges are available in a wide range of colors and styles to match any kitchen decor. The cabinet hinges must be adjusted so that each door panel is at the same height. You may need someone to help you keep the doors up to the closets while marking the position of each hinge.

How to hang cabinet door hinges. Remove the door panels from the cabinets if replacing a set of existing cabinet hinges. Remove the screws that hold the hinges on the edge of the cabinet with a screwdriver while your assistant supports the weight of the door. Turn the door panels head and place them on a table or work table. Remove any existing screws or hinges from the back of the door panels using a screwdriver. Measure off two inches at the top and bottom of each door with a ruler. Use the ruler to make a straight line between each of these points. This will be your guide for placing hinges on the door panels. Mark holes for the mounting screws, using one of the door hinges as a template. Put the hinge on the door with the top edge of your guide line. Use a pencil to mark the screw holes, and then repeat this process with the hinge aligned to the bottom line.

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Then to hang cabinet door hinges. Drill holes to the mounting screws in each of your selected locations. Place hinges on each door panel and tighten the screws. Delete your guidelines when done. Hold the doors open to the cabinet opening, with the help of your assistant as you mark screw holes for the hinge on the edge of the cabinet. Lower the doors, then drill pilot holes according to your pencil strings. Hold the door panels again, again with your assistant’s help while inserting mounting screws into the pre-drilled holes to secure the hinges. Test the fit hinges by opening and closing the doors. Make sure that the doors hang straight and do not run into each other in the middle of the cabinet when it is closed.

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