Fixing Sliding Door Rollers

Sliding Door Rollers

Sliding door rollers – Sliding glass doors along a solid, permanent track with small wheel-based rolls mounted on a metal or plastic groove. Sometimes these rolls can get caught or wrong. This results in a sliding glass door that no longer opens or closes. Learn how to fix the rolls on a sliding glass door to solve these issues and return to using sliding door. Before you fix the roller you need Phillips screwdriver, WD-40 or similar mechanical lubricant. Also you must prepare toothbrush and wet cloth.

Spray the sliding door rollers and glass sliding door bottom and top frame with WD-40 or similar mechanical lubricant products. Sometimes the problem may be that the moving mechanisms in the door have become rusty or rough. The mechanical lubricant can reduce friction so that glass door slides again. If this does not help the rollers, proceed to next step. Remove the glass sliding door from the frame and the roller traces. Depending on your door model, you may want to remove the glass door simply by lifting it at an angle so that it jumps out of its frame. Alternatively you may need to use a screwdriver to undo the bottom of the groove to make room for the door to slide out.

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Remove the door’s roll after taking a sliding door out of its frame. Use toothbrush and cloth to give them a quick cleaning. Dust, hair and other debris can be caught in the tool of the wheels and prevent the sliding door rollers from functioning. Replace the cover after cleaning the rollers and rolling groove. If it still does not work, proceed to step 3. Remove the cover again and replace the rollers and roll the track. Remove listed pieces of hardware and bring them to your local machine or remodeling store (like Ace Hardware or Home Depot). Show the hardware of a shop worker to find replacement. It is crucial that the replacement matches the original hardware perfectly. Back the rolls and test the door. To keep the door’s functionality, clean the rolls and track and coat regularly with lubricants.

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