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Farmhouse Reclaimed Barn Door

Reclaimed barn door – Reclaimed barn door traditionally comes in two designs. Doors can swing on hinges or slides on a track above. Each design has advantages and disadvantages. Both designs also can be constructed by a handyman farm with common hand and power tools.

No matter what type of reclaimed barn door is chosen, it must be solidly built. The full weight of the sliding door will be mounted by roller wheels on the track above. The doorway to the rollers are connected should be substantial enough to support the weight of the gate in any weather conditions.

Everything in its place is a challenge in any barn. Construction of storage in the reclaimed barn door itself is a way to overcome this problem without sacrificing space in the main part of the barn. This will not work with sliding doors, of course, but adding hooks and clamps on the back of a traditional barn door can be very useful. Barn owners can add a number of shelves bridle, halter racks and refill kits in the back of the door, making it easy to find which elements are necessary. Even toilet brushes and equipment can be attached to the back of the barn door with a tack organizer or an organizer shower repurposed.

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