DIY Sliding Glass Cabinet Doors With Wood Frame

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Sliding glass cabinet doors – Modifying the existing doors is possible, but usually not worth the time and effort. Instead, you can create your own framed glass cabinet doors, designed to fit your cabinets perfectly, with just a few necessary tools. Measure the dimensions of gaps with a tape measure, with both the length and width of the cabinet doors. Set the work stop block on the saw rail to the measured length of the cabinet doors. Create patch joints at the end of each of the cut discs using a router set to cut in the face of the board, half of the board’s thickness.

Push the cut on a width aboard clips on a length of board to create an overlap where the corners of the joint are 90 degrees, and the overlapped area is the same height as the rest of the board. Repeat the process of the other three joints in the sliding glass cabinet doors frame to create a frame that is the same size as the original cabinet door. Replace the bit in the router with a round overlap. Replace a socket a bit in the router, and then turn the board over so that you can cut along the rear. Create a socket on the outside of the rear frame as well as to enable the fitting of the cabinet door inside the cabinet opening. Paint or bend the frame in the desired color, apply the paint or bite with a brush.

Measure the space between opposing fake edges on the inside of the frame and have a 1/8 inch thick glass slice cut to match the measurement. Place the glass in the frame along the edge. Place 1/8-inch thick goalkeeper band the same width as your socket gap between the glass surface and the bottom surface of the frame behind the glass, and push it to the edge of the frame. Screw the hinges on the new glass cabinet door, and then tighten the cabinet door handles on the front. Place the door on the cabinet and screw the hinges to the cabinet frame to complete the installation of the new sliding glass cabinet doors.

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