DIY Modern Barn Door

Modern Barn Door For Home Office

Modern barn door – Hanging barn door to create a sliding door can be a modern, attractive solution for sharing two rooms, but does not limit your enjoyment of this rustic salvage function for the intended purpose. Make furniture with barn doors that capitalize on their weather-based appeal and the large area. Bedside tables, farm-style dining tables and coffee tables all look great when a barn door is the star of the design. These DIY projects only require basic building skills.

Make a modern barn door. Use a barn door for a single bed; Use two for a king size bed. Hang them from the wall behind the bed with secure mounting fixtures that are suitable for your wall material. Do not let a gap between the bed and the barn doors or will they seem to flow the report. Mount wall lights on the barn door to add lighting to the bedside. Build a barn door dining table. Buy two and four inch boards and four to four inch boards or recycle old boards to build the frame for the table. Glue and screw two and four of what will become the bottom of the barn door to create a frame that will fit well around the table frame. Measure the wood for the top of the table to fit into the frame of the barn door.

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Flip the table frame to match the barn door, add worn color effects if desired. Place the barn door over the table frame. Screw it into place through the bottom frame, or allow the top and bottom to remain separate; The door will be heavy enough to stay in place. Craft a barn door desk table with other recycled items if you have limited interest in developing your building skills. Use steady lobster traps, beautiful wooden wine boxes or two vintage cleaners to support the table top. Make a higher version of this look for a double room with re-purposed white metal box boxes supporting the door and a grand mirror above to create an unusual vanity. That DIY idea to make modern barn door.

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