Benefit Use Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

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Automatic sliding glass doors – What is an automatic sliding glass doors? The question may seem banal, but still requires its explanation. A sliding glass doors is as the name suggests a door or door pair pushed aside. That the sliding glass doors is automatic or electric means that it is powered by an engine that opens and closes the door aside. Sensors are connected to the motor, which allows the door to open automatically when someone or something comes close to the door. All sliding glass doors are handled with an intelligent touch display, either mounted next to the door or at a distance (up to 500 meters away). Each program selector can control up to five door systems simultaneously.

The advantages of automatic sliding glass doors are that they do not take much space in front of and behind the door. A sliding glass doors is optimal in environments with passenger traffic that can pass through the sliding glass doors in a simple, easy and convenient way. The person does not need to open the door with his hands but can still carry luggage, drag prams or suitcases. An automatic sliding glass doors from Besam is quiet and is also suitable for areas where low noise levels are important. Inside office buildings. One drawback with sliding glass doors is that they are just sideways and that more planning is needed in construction (or rebuilding) than if the door is opened inwards and outwards.

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What should you consider before choosing automatic sliding glass doors? Always depart from your business when selecting entrance and door solutions. Begin by analyzing the traffic flow. How many people pass in and out every day? What are they holding in their hands? Should the sliding glass doors function as an entrance into the building or should the sliding glass doors are in a building? How important is design and appearance? Is there a need for energy optimization? Should the door be open in both directions and there is a need to shut out for example. Dust, drag and noise? The questions are many, but make sure to choose the right sliding glass doors to suit it optimizes the traffic flow of your business.

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