Before Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Doors

Gray Exterior Sliding Barn Doors

Exterior sliding barn doors – Sliding barn doors create unprecedented openness. That sense of transparency can enhance you with discrete profiles that make the window almost invisible. At Oben we look at the possibilities with attention to the appearance of your home, the surge, the level of insulation and, of course, ease of use. For this we have the most innovative systems of Reynaers Aluminum. Match the sliding barn door to one of your chosen profile styles. Sliding barn doors are all about transparency and openness. That’s why Oben works with the elegant and refined crutches of Reynaers Aluminum, which discreetly go into the overall picture of your sliding barn door. Less discreet are the ant allergic PURITY stools that combine top design with optimum ergonomics.

These crutches are suitable for all types of windows, doors and sliding exterior sliding barn doors. The ease of use of sliding barn doors is or falls with the sliding system.  In advance, think about your wishes and the future. Today, a small transition may not be a problem, but in the long run, a quasi-trick less transition between inside and outside is just a benefit. Certainly for less mobile people and children. They sliding barn doors can be equipped with a classic sliding system or a lifting system: Sliding system : Slides the aluminum wing profile with wheels over a rail. Lifting system : Tilt the sliding barn door before sliding over the rail. In closed condition the lifting system is anchored. This offers additional advantages in terms of insulation, airtightness and theft prevention.

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Determine how the sliding exterior sliding barn doors opens. How should you open your sliding barn door? With one moving wing or multiple? Think carefully about this. Because your choices have a direct impact on ease of use. One thing is clear: whatever you expect, Oben has the solution at home. Monorail: Combination of a fixed part and a moving wing that slides along the outside of the solid part. Duorail: With this system, both wings may slide. Then about rail: thanks to the third rail you can integrate extra moving wings.

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