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Bathroom Sliding Door Barn

Bathroom sliding door – are usually divided into two categories: pocket doors and glass sliders. Pocket doors are hidden when not in use, as they slip into the wall. Glass sliders are common in luxurious bathrooms, where they can provide additional light and air to create a spa environment. The challenge with pocket doors is to use interior that will not affect the door’s function. The glass sliders present a privacy challenge that will affect your decorate choices. Decorate of pocket-door bathroom. Paint the door to help achieve the appearance you want in the overall room. Paint the bathroom and the inside of the door all a color to create the look of a cohesive space. If you prefer, paint the door and trim a paint and the walls differently.

Hang a towel bar for each regular bathroom user and one for guests. Because pocket bathroom sliding door can’t have hooks to hang clothes or other clothes, you might want to put hooks elsewhere in the bathroom. Hang a full-length mirror on a bathroom wall. This will help make the space feel open. Provide adequate lighting. Together with lamps on both sides of vanity mirror and a long fixture above the mirror, consider recessed lighting with a dimmer function in the ceiling. Install glass shelves to create a light, airy feel while adding a little glitter.

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While, decorate of bathroom sliding door with glass sliders material. Place a sturdy wooden folding screen in front of glass sliding doors, about 1 foot inside the door, if you have space. The screen will provide privacy while the light enters the room. Decorate your screen with over-the-door-style towel bars and robe hooks to keep these items on hand. Apply frosted contact paper to the bottom 6 meters of your glass sliding doors to maintain integrity while maximizing light. Paint your bathroom in bright, soft colors, such as white, sky blue or sage green. Hang colored or colored glass decorations throughout your bathroom to collect and break the natural light. Install crane handle, bath handle and shower cranes with crystal buds, if it’s your style, for the same purpose.

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