Barn Door Lighting Modern 2017

Double Interior Barn Doors

Barn Door Lighting – Barn door lighting There are literally hundreds of styles and types of lighting equipment that can be used when recording a video with your Nikon DSLR. Some of the equipment used for the snapshot can even work well to illuminate the scenes of your video.

See some image of barn door lighting, reflectors, LED panel lights (even those little that can be placed on the accessory shoe contact or camera), tungsten or other units of constant light and switches (Umbrella, barn doors, sprays, gels) are all examples of useful lighting equipment which can turn to illuminate subjects or entire scenes in your video footage.

One of the basic techniques of video lighting works well for snapshots or video is the three-point lighting, comprising a main light, fill light and a light to enhance. Barn door lighting modern, the main light is from where the greater illumination of the subject. The fill light, which is set at half the power of the main light, fill the shadows that are not so marked. Finally, to enhance the light, which is sometimes called a hair light (when enlightens people), it is used to add a little light on the subject and highlight it.

Connecting Barn Door Lighting

Barn door lighting – In professional photography and lighting is a barn door, a metal bracket that connects to the outside of the light. Without a barn door, the light from the lamp spilling everywhere; with a barn door, you can light your subject perfectly. Barn door lighting is designed for quick attachment.

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Turn off lights you plan to use the barn door with the light and let cool. Choose a barn door lighting that matches the dimensions of your light. As long as you know the model number of your light, which will be printed on the device, you can compare it with different barn doors. Remove the retaining screw on the reflector and push the small end of the front frame of the light. Tighten the mounting screw to attach the reflector to the light. Open the barn door flaps and loosen the screws on the back of the barn door. Push the barn door of the reflector. If there is no reflector, you can simply drag the barn door on the front of the light. Refer to the hooks in the front of the barn door is facing downward. This means the barn door is right-side up.

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